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No athlete is a finished project, and no player is built in a day. At Okanagan Hockey Colorado, our coaches bring an unparalleled level of expertise to their coaching duties each day. Their tremendous experience as both players and coaches at the Major Junior, College, and Professional levels allows them to build the student athlete in an incremental manner, focusing on the small details that separate elite players from the rest – both on the ice, and off.

Each athlete brings a unique skillset to the rink, and our coaches work to develop that particular player within the team concept. Okanagan Hockey Colorado’s coaches also share an incredible passion not only for player development, but for personal development as well.

Brooke Wilfley

Managing Director

Brooke Wilfley received her Undergraduate Degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Oregon. She then went on to attend The University of Denver Sturm College of Law, receiving her J.D. in 2008. Mrs. Wilfley and her husband, Link Wilfley, have 5 children, all of whom play youth hockey in the state. Mrs. Wilfley is one of the founders of ACES Hockey Academy and is currently the President and Head of School at ACES Sports and Hockey Academy, a full-time, traditional school that supports the development of youth athletes in conjunction with rigorous academics, character development and community service.

David Clarkson

Head Coach

Throughout his hockey career, David Clarkson developed a reputation for being one of the game’s great all-around players. Clarkson’s four-year junior career started with Belleville of the Ontario Hockey League and ended with Kitchener, where he won the Memorial Cup in 2003. Clarkson spent 12 years in the NHL, playing 570 games, before making the transition into coaching. Clarkson is dedicated to providing student-athletes with a development model that will benefit from his passion for hockey and his dedication to providing student-athletes with opportunities beyond the ice.

John Mitchell

Assistant Coach

With his outstanding technical knowledge, Mitchell’s detailed approach to developing skills as a player allows him to observe small details to improve an individual’s skill set. Additionally, with 20 years in elite hockey, Mitchell has a deep understanding of how the game is played from both an individual and team standpoint.

At the end of the day, a great coach and great teammates will impact players’ lives well beyond the ice. John’s mission as a coach is to allow kids to maximize their experience in hockey and carry forward to whatever path they pursue.

Peter Budaj

Goalie Coach

Goalie Development Coach, Peter Budaj, was born and raised in Slovakia and played 368 games in the NHL with the Colorado Avalanche, Montreal Canadiens, LA Kings, and Tampa Bay Lightning. Budaj has recently made a transition back to Colorado as Goalie Development Coach for the Colorado Avalanche. In addition to his playing career and coaching role in the NHL, Budaj has been dedicated to coaching youth athletes through his youth development program, Budaj Blockers. Coach Budaj brings an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise to the Okanagan Hockey Colorado.

Jason Kelly

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jason Kelly has been in the professional sporting world for over 20 years as a player/athlete and a coach. He began his sporting career playing rugby and tennis, competing at an international level, and eventually becoming a professional coach in both sports. Kelly’s approach to developing his athletes starts with building better people. He believes that behind every champion, regardless of sport or discipline, better people make better athletes. Mental toughness is the hallmark of Jason’s athletes and the secret behind their success.

Mike Garrity

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mike Garrity has been in the training/coaching world for 10 years now. Mikey’s passion for strength and conditioning began during his professional rugby career. Garrity worked with strength coaches that sparked an interest in pursuing this specialty as a career beyond rugby. Garrity brings a passion for coaching athletes that develops accountability to one’s goals and fosters connection and care through physical performance. He also brings a deep knowledge of the methods and principles an athlete must practice to increase performance on the ice and potentiate success.

Scott Wadsworth

Academic Advisor

Wadsworth is the Counseling Department Chair at Arapahoe High School and the Assistant Coach for both the track & field teams. Educated at the Western State Colorado University and the University of Phoenix, Wadsworth looks forward to working with Okanagan Hockey Colorado’s student-athletes.