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Hockey Canada Skills Academy


    A fully licensed Hockey Canada Skills Academy that specializes in performance training and skill development of student-athletes during school hours. The program is for male and female athletes in Grade 6, 7 and 8 attending Skaha Lake Middle School. The purpose of this program is to develop personal potential and a positive attitude for student-athletes to carry into all aspects of their lives. The program will consist of 30 ice sessions October to June.

    • Cost $1200
    • Deposit required at sign up $260 (by May 31st, 2024)
    • Professional on Ice Instruction provided by full-time staff from the Okanagan Hockey Group
    • On-Ice sessions will be delivered by a fully trained coach from the Okanagan Hockey Academy
    • On-Ice sessions include Goalie Instruction

    Program Fees Cover:

    • On-ice sessions (ice time rental)
    • Instructor Costs – on-ice and off-ice
    • Hockey Canada License
    • Coaching equipment and supplies
    • Fees include HCSA jersey and socks
    • Transportation Costs back to SLMS after ice sessions only

    Assessment and Evaluation:

    Students will be evaluated each term in the areas of on-ice and off-ice performance.  This will include their work and effort.  An evaluation will be included in each student’s report card.

    Insurance and Liability:

    Students and instructors will be insured through the BC Hockey and Hockey Canada

    Course Credit:

    Each student will receive equivalency for Physical Education.

    Please note:

    • All students must provide their own set of full equipment
    • The SLMS Hockey Skills Academy is open to both male and female players
    • We do not make up teams and play hockey games
    • Program is intended for individual skill development

    Student Responsibility while attending the SLMS Hockey Academy:

    • Attend Skaha Lake Middle School full time
    • Commit to academic responsibilities
    • Maintain excellent attendance
    • Be a responsible citizen within the school and community
    • Demonstrate a desire and commitment to improve
    • Work in a climate of spirit of cooperation

    Admission to the SLMS Hockey Canada Skills Academy is dependent upon students’ satisfactory standing in academic courses

    Grade 6Penticton, BCSeptember 2024June 2025REGISTER
    Grade 7Penticton, BCSeptember 2024June 2025
    Grade 8/9Penticton, BCSeptember 2024June 2025REGISTER