Benefits of Being a Hockey Parent- Connecting with Kids in a Different Way

by | May 18, 2023

Benefits of being a hockey parent- connecting with kids in a different way

Playing hockey can be a kid’s most fun and affirming activity. Hockey is where many kids will meet new friends, learn about teamwork and hard work, and, most importantly, have fun on and off the ice. Team sports for kids come with huge benefits, both personal and social. Being on a hockey team has many benefits for kids and parents. There are many benefits to being a hockey player. 

Being a hockey parent is a great way to get involved with your kid’s activities and connect with them in a positive way. Here are just some of the many benefits being a hockey parent can bring to you and your child’s lives. 

Developing new traditions

Every player and parent knows that hockey means early mornings, after-school practices, and weekend games. It takes a lot of commitment for both children and parents. During these times, you have time with your child that you may not have spent with them otherwise.

 On the way to practices or after games is a great time to start a new tradition. You could listen to a specific band before games, or after practices or games, you share a meal at a favourite restaurant. 

Small customs and routines, from fist bumps in the locker room to getting a hot chocolate in the morning, unify players and families and help build connections and memories that last lifetimes.  The chances that you or your child will remember the score of last Saturday’s game 10 years from now are slim. The memory of your pre or post-practice tradition, however, can last. 

Spend more time together

As kids grow, they naturally need parents less. While this hurts, that is also part of the job. One day, they may be driving themselves to hockey practice.

 Kids who spend quality time with their parents often have fewer behavioural issues at home or at school and are less likely to participate in risky behaviours such as drug or alcohol use.  

Spending quality time-which is a time when you spend time with your kids and give them your undivided attention is important to their and your overall well-being. 

Bonding over a shared interest

There is a lot going on in your child’s life. Today’s generation of kids has a vastly different society to navigate than what children 15 or even ten years ago had. 

With social media and other forms of digital entertainment becoming more easily accessible, it can feel difficult to connect with your child in this ever-changing world. A shared interest can help bridge that gap and open up dialogue into more topics past hockey. 

Sports for kids are all about having fun. They are not professional athletes and should not be treated like they are. Kids are kids, and being a hockey parent means that you get to reap the benefits of your children having fun, engaging in a healthy activity, and watching them grow into themselves on and off the ice.

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