camps/ Defence Camp w/ Brennan Evans


You are the protector of the house. You play one of the hardest positions on the ice. Your job is to protect the defensive zone as well as be the catalyst in the break out and start the offensive rush. You are the quarterback on the powerplay. Do you have all the required skills? Get game ready with one our Defence specific camps.

Our Defence camps on ice programs are designed by former NHL defenceman, who understand the complexity of the position. Camps are great for forwards and defence alike.

Welcome to our Defence Hockey Camp with former NHL Defenceman, Brennan Evans, where we focus on developing key defensive skills to help athletes excel on the ice.


  • Each participant will receive a souvenir camp jersey to wear during the camp.
  • The camp offers 2.5 hours of daily ice time, providing ample opportunity for skill development and practice.
  • In addition to on-ice training, we also provide off-ice hockey-specific training sessions to enhance overall athleticism and conditioning.

1. Defensive Zone Skills:
Angling techniques to effectively defend against opponents and control the play.
– Shot blocking techniques to protect the net and prevent scoring opportunities.
– Breakout strategies to efficiently transition the puck from the defensive zone to the offensive zone.

2. Neutral Zone Skills:
– Gap control techniques to maintain proper positioning and limit opponents’ offensive opportunities.
– Transitional play skills to facilitate quick and smooth transitions between defense and offense.
– Agility and lateral movement drills to enhance overall mobility and agility on the ice.

3. Offensive Zone Skills:
– Shot selection and shooting skills to improve accuracy and maximize scoring chances.
– Blue line utilization techniques to effectively keep the puck in the offensive zone and sustain pressure.
– Decision-making and Hockey IQ training to enhance game awareness and make smart offensive plays.

At our Defence Hockey Camp, we provide a structured and supportive environment where participants can develop their defensive skills to their fullest potential.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping athletes improve their performance and gain a deeper understanding of the game.

Join us for an immersive camp experience that will elevate your defensive abilities on the ice.


Brennan Evans is a former professional hockey player known for his physicality and defensive prowess. Born on January 25, 1982, in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Evans made a name for himself through his strong presence on the ice and dedication to his craft.

Evans began his hockey journey in the Western Hockey League (WHL), playing for the Kootenay Ice and Calgary Hitmen. His solid play and toughness earned him a reputation as a reliable defenseman. In 2001, he was drafted by the Calgary Flames in the seventh round of the NHL Entry Draft.

Although Evans primarily played in the minor leagues, he had several stints in the National Hockey League (NHL) with the Calgary Flames and the Detroit Red Wings. His physical style of play and ability to defend his teammates made him a valued asset on the ice.

Throughout his career, Evans was known for his leadership qualities and was often seen as a mentor to younger players. He spent the majority of his professional career in the American Hockey League (AHL), where he played for various teams such as the Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights, Peoria Rivermen, Worcester Sharks, and Grand Rapids Griffins.

Evans officially announced his retirement from professional hockey in 2016. After hanging up his skates, he transitioned into coaching and development roles, sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring players.

Brennan Evans’ career exemplified determination and a commitment to the game he loved. His physicality, defensive skills, and leadership qualities left a lasting impact on the teams he played for, and he continues to contribute to the hockey community in his post-playing career.