camps/2011-2013 Spring Break camp (EDM)

Join OHAE staff this spring break for our 2011-2013 Spring Break camp, with an individual skill development focus. Camp to be led by current OHAE staff members Brenna Evans & Guy St Vincent. The Battle & Compete camp focuses on the tough areas of the game.

Players will be taught different ways to battle and will be put into game small area situation battle drills. This camp will work on small area games, play along the wall, engagement and battle & compete skills. All drills will be fast paced and high tempo.


1. Defensive Zone Skills:

  • Angling techniques to effectively defend against opponents and control the play.
  • Shot blocking techniques to protect the net and prevent scoring opportunities.
  • Breakout strategies to efficiently transition the puck from the defensive zone to the offensive zone.
  • Fundamentals of body contact
  • Situational and spatial awareness
  • Puck Separation techniques

2. Neutral Zone Skills:

  • Gap control techniques to maintain proper positioning and limit opponents’ offensive opportunities.
  • Transitional play skills to facilitate quick and smooth transitions between defense and offense.
  • Agility and lateral movement drills to enhance overall mobility and agility on the ice.
  • Skating – speed, agility, and balance development as contact comes in to play.

3. Offensive Zone Skills:

  • Shot selection and shooting skills to improve accuracy and maximize scoring chances.
  • Blue line utilization techniques to effectively keep the puck in the offensive zone and sustain pressure.
  • Decision-making and Hockey IQ training to enhance game awareness and make smart offensive plays.
  • Body positioning and puck protection


  • Our camp focuses on individual skill development for both male and female players. The camp provides a structured, safe, positive, and fun environment for goaltenders to learn and develop their skills.
  • The camp teaches the building blocks of fundamental goaltending skills, including body position, proper stance, angles and crease depth, save technique, and rebound control. Goaltenders will also learn how to move with speed, power, and control through repetitive movement drills.
  • This camp is designed to provide goaltenders with a comprehensive and immersive experience to help them develop and improve their skills in a supportive and fun environment.
Camp NameLocationCamp DateBirth YearCamp Fee (tax not inc.)Registration link
2011-2013 Spring Break Battle Camp- GoalieKinsmen Twin ArenasMarch 25-29, 20242011-2013$395.00REGISTER
2011-2013 Spring Break Battle Camp- SkaterKinsmen Twin ArenasMarch 25-29, 20242011-2013$395.00REGISTER