combines/ association & team testing

The WHL Combines are recognized as the premier athlete assessment program in western North America, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment designed by Sport Testing Inc.

The combines are widely used in many of the leading hockey events, such as the Sherwin-Williams CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game, WHL Team Testing, Provincial High Performance Camps, WHL U.S. Combine Camp powered by Under Armour, Western Prospects Showcase, and others.

The use of standardized and comprehensive testing protocols in these events ensures that players receive accurate and objective feedback on their skills and abilities, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and strive for success at the highest levels of competition.

That’s correct! The WHL Combine testing crew uses Sport Testing Inc. technology, which allows for efficient testing of up to 40 players in just 75 minutes without the use of stop watches or clipboards. They also offer customized testing experiences to fit individual needs and can bring the equipment to events like try-outs, evaluations, and skills competitions. Additionally, they have testing hubs in Penticton, BC and Calgary, AB for those who want to visit their locations.



The comprehensive metric used by the WHL Combines, which combines drill data and performance, allows for unbiased identification of the strengths and weaknesses of participants. This makes it easier to compare multiple athletes on one standard score and use historical data to predict future success, identify prospective athletes, and more. By having a standardized testing protocol, the WHL Combines provide a level playing field for all participants, ensuring that results are objective and reliable.


By utilizing the WHL Combine testing, coaches and scouts can get a comprehensive view of each athlete’s abilities and potential. The ability to test multiple athletes in a short period of time provides an unbiased and standardized evaluation that allows for fair comparisons between players. With the use of historical data and analytics, the WHL Combine testing crew can help identify prospective athletes and track their development over time.

Overall, the WHL Combine testing provides a valuable tool for hockey organizations and athletes alike to enhance player development and improve decision-making in player selection.

Combine testing includes:

  • Player Specific On-Ice Testing
  • Goalie Specific On-Ice Testing
  • Hockey Specific Off-Ice Testing
  • State of the Art Technology  from Sport Testing Inc.
  • Individual Athlete Assessment
  • Complete Athlete Comparisons and Rankings


SportTesting Analytics are the future!

They provide an un-biased view of your athletes’ abilities both on and off the ice. They allow you to track them as they grow and, most importantly, they provide the ability to measure your athletes against the best  and build an ideal development plan.

SportTesting Analytics will help your organization become smarter and faster than the competition.

Test.  And be ahead of the curve.

In addition to the individual Athlete Reports sent to each participant, we will provide multiple detailed Coach Reports for your evaluating, assessment and development needs.

  • Overall Rank: participants are ranked based on overall testing performance
  • Positional Rank: participants are ranked by based on overall testing performance and by position
  • Test Rank: participants are ranked based on testing performance in a single test
  • Hockey Specific Off-Ice Testing


NHL Teams:

  • Anaheim Ducks
  • Dallas Stars
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Winnipeg Jets

WHL Teams:

  • Everett Silvertips
  • Medicine Hat Tigers
  • Swift Current Broncos

Western Canada Branch High Performance Programs:

  • BC U15
  • BC U16
  • BC Female High Performance
  • Alberta U15
  • Alberta U16
  • Saskatchewan U15
  • Manitoba U15
  • Manitoba U16

Additional High Performance/Elite Events

  • Sherwin-Williams CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game
  • NHL Central Scouting Database
  • U16 Western Canada Challenge Cup
  • WHL Development Combines
  • WHL U.S. Combine Camp powered by Under Armour
  • Western Prospects Showcase         


Participating in the WHL Combine testing is not only an opportunity to receive unbiased evaluation and feedback on your performance, but it also provides a chance to prepare yourself for future opportunities at the next level. Many NHL teams and major junior hockey leagues utilize similar testing protocols, and by participating in the WHL Combine testing, you will gain valuable experience and knowledge of what to expect in future situations. Additionally, having a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and weaknesses can help guide your training and development, ultimately improving your chances of success in the sport. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a competitive advantage!


This database is a valuable resource for WHL teams to identify and track top prospects. The data collected during testing is used to evaluate a player’s physical abilities, such as speed, agility, and strength. This information can help teams make informed decisions when scouting and drafting players. Additionally, the database allows teams to track a player’s progress over time, which can be useful in developing and refining their skills. Overall, the WHL Database is an important tool for both players and teams, helping to drive success on and off the ice.


Upon completion of a WHL Combine Testing, each participant receives the following:

  • Athlete Report: individual athlete results and combine comparative results to event peers
  • Sport Pulse: progress report comparing all historical individual athlete testing results
  • Access to WHL Database: compare your results to over 10,000 athletes tested with WHL Combines
  • Access to Sport Testing Database: compare your results to over 25,000 athletes tested with SportTesting
  • Use your results to track your development progress, highlight areas of weakness, and target your off-ice and on-ice training needs
  • All WHL General Managers have access to WHL Combine Database as a prospect/scouting resource