Open to players born 2012 – 2007

  Fort St. John, BC   •  Grand Prairie, AB     Winnipeg, MB   •   Vancouver, BC  

•    Calgary, AB   •    Edmonton, AB   •    Saskatoon, SK   

•   Las Vegas, NV    •   Salt Lake City, UT

The WHL Development Combine weekends offered by Okanagan Hockey in partnership with the WHL are an excellent opportunity for high-level minor hockey players to assess their skills, receive exposure to the WHL, and gain a competitive edge.

On-ice and off-ice testing provide a unique opportunity for players to receive objective feedback on their skill development and areas for improvement. This feedback can be used to tailor training programs and focus on specific areas that require improvement.


Evaluating strengths and weaknesses is crucial for players’ ongoing development, as they change over time as players grow, develop, and improve. Knowing areas of strength and weakness can help players target their training and work towards their goals.

Multiple test scores over time can also provide valuable information for scouts and managers, showcasing an athlete’s progression and work ethic. This information can be used to evaluate players’ potential and determine their suitability for higher levels of play.

Overall, the WHL Development Combine weekends are a valuable opportunity for young hockey players looking to improve their skills and gain exposure to the WHL. The combination of on-ice and off-ice testing provides a comprehensive assessment of players’ abilities, which can be used to develop personalized training programs and showcase their progress over time.


Player Take-A-Ways

  • The inclusion of a souvenir WHL Combines jersey and a personalized athlete report is a great way to provide participants with a memento of their experience and a detailed breakdown of their performance.
  • Having access to online results and the WHL Combine Database allows athletes to track their progress and compare themselves to others in the event.
  • The ability to generate reports and compare to others in the database is a useful tool for athletes to measure their performance against their peers and identify areas for improvement.
  • The top athlete awards in each location and overall leaderboard create a sense of competition and motivate participants to perform at their best.
  • The award for the overall best athlete in all events is a significant incentive for athletes to perform well and showcases the top talent from across all locations. This award can also provide valuable exposure to scouts and managers, increasing the chances of being noticed and potentially recruited by higher levels of play.
  • Overall, the additional features of the WHL Development Combine weekends, including the souvenir jersey, personalized athlete report, online results, database access, and awards, add value to the experience and provide athletes with useful tools to track their progress, compete, and showcase their talents.

The Experience

  • The WHL Development Combine weekends offer a comprehensive experience for young hockey players, including both on-ice and off-ice testing, as well as focused training sessions to improve movement and agility, decision-making, hockey IQ, and compete level.
  • The on-ice combine testing provides a unique opportunity for players to be evaluated on their skating ability, puck handling, shooting accuracy, and game play skills.
  • The off-ice combine testing measures players’ strength, endurance, and flexibility, providing additional insight into their athletic ability.
  • The on-ice training sessions are designed to improve specific areas of players’ performance, including movement and agility, decision-making, hockey IQ, and compete level. These sessions are led by experienced coaches and provide a focused environment for players to develop their skills.
  • The WHL Presentation for athletes and parents provides valuable information on the league and education opportunities, giving players and their families a better understanding of what the WHL has to offer.
  • The WHL Combine information session and reports and results interpretation provide athletes with a better understanding of how to evaluate their performance and what areas they need to improve.
  • The WHL Team Personnel seminar is an excellent opportunity for players to gain insight into what teams look for in players, which can be used to tailor their training programs and develop their skills accordingly. Additionally, the invitation of all WHL team scouts to each event and the distribution of testing results and player contact information allows players to gain exposure to a broader range of teams and potentially be noticed by scouts and managers.
  • Overall, the WHL Development Combine weekends offer a comprehensive experience that not only assesses players’ skills but also provides valuable training, education, and exposure to the WHL.

Event Focus & Benefits

  • The on and off ice testing at the WHL Development Combine provides a technical assessment of players’ speed, power, and agility, giving them a clear understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • The on-ice tests focus on skating and the key physical skills necessary to play the game at an elite level.
  • The on-ice development session is designed to provide athletes with skills to improve speed, movement, and agility, which will help them excel on the ice.
  • The training session is led by experienced coaches who provide valuable feedback and guidance to help players develop their skills and reach their potential.
  • Using testing to monitor and adjust training programs is a common practice among elite players and teams, and the Okanagan Hockey Academy is no exception. All OHA teams test multiple times throughout the season to monitor progress, and this testing helps athletes and coaches tailor their training programs to improve performance.
  • Participating in combine testing can also help build athletes’ testing confidence. As combine testing is done at many high performance program events, from the CHL Top Prospects down to Provincial High Performance programs, it’s important to be prepared to perform at your best.
  • Finally, all results from WHL Development Combine events are shared with all WHL scouts and managers, providing a valuable opportunity for players to showcase their abilities and potentially be noticed by scouts and managers from across the league.


  • These reports and access to the databases can be valuable tools for athletes to evaluate their performance and identify areas of improvement.
  • By comparing their results to others in their age group and gender, athletes can see where they stand and set goals for future testing events.
  • Additionally, the progress reports can help athletes track their development over time and make adjustments to their training programs as needed.
  • The WHL Combine testing events provide a unique opportunity for athletes to gain insight into their performance and take steps to improve their skills and abilities on and off the ice.

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The WHL Development Combines provide a valuable experience for players to assess their skills and abilities against a standardized testing protocol. The ability to compare results and identify areas for improvement can be a valuable tool for players looking to take their game to the next level. Additionally, attending a Development event provides an opportunity for players to learn more about the WHL and gain valuable insight into what it takes to play at a high level. Overall, the WHL Development Combines offer a unique and exciting opportunity for players to focus on their individual development and take steps towards achieving their goals.

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