Initially we thought we thought choosing Okanagan Hockey Academy with Emily was the right decision because she would further her hockey career, but OHA did so much more than make her a better hockey player. While at OHA, Emily was surrounded by people with similar goals and mind sets as herself which allowed her to push her limits while having a second family to support her. The staff members went above and beyond to assist her in any way that they could. From van drivers taking her to school early or staying late so she could meet with teachers to academic advisors noticing she was homesick and needed a little extra support. Knowing the support system she had, as parents we were confident that she was in good hands and taken care of.

After her two years at the academy Emily truly became a woman that was fully prepared to attend post-secondary at the University of Wisconsin. She developed so many life skills while at OHA that she can take with her for the rest of her life including perseverance, integrity, the ability to work with anyone, advocate for herself, the importance of a good character and independence. The staff, coaches, billets and community is unmatched. We are so proud of the well-rounded-individual Emily is and believe the Okanagan Hockey Academy had a large role in helping shape her into who she is. We are grateful for our experience and hope that every young hockey player and their families are able to have a similar experience to ours.”