Hockey Values for Youth – Skills for Life When Not on the Ice

by | Feb 27, 2023

Hockey is an exhilarating sport that keeps you in shape and leaves you with lasting memories. The values necessary to win on the ice will also serve you well outside the rink. Sports often bring out the best in youth and can be an outlet for honing young people’s most positive attributes. 

Here are some personal traits the game will naturally develop over time. 

Hockey Is a Game of Mental Endurance

Any regular activity is a great way to relieve stress. Studies have shown that physical activity contributes to improved focus and memory retention. Exercise and study complement each other well, which is why staying active is so important for youth.

Although there are many physical components to the game, make no mistake, hockey is a game that is won and lost in the mind. Mental toughness and a positive attitude contribute just as much to your success as your puck-handling abilities.


One of the biggest reasons people love hockey is that it’s fun to play. But that doesn’t mean everyone is willing to give up their free time to participate. Playing the game and succeeding at a competitive level requires certain sacrifices and a lot of discipline. 

It’s not just about being in the best physical shape; it’s about fine-tuning your lifestyle to adapt to the game. Maintaining a proper diet, sleeping schedule, and workout routine can be challenging. Hockey doesn’t just enhance your stamina; it builds character.

There’s nothing like the thrill of scoring a goal or making a huge overtime save. Hockey rewards hard work and allows young players to revel in their achievements. 


Nurturing respect for teammates, players, coaches, and refs is essential. Appreciating those who came before you and valuing their mentorship is a key component of any young player’s development. 

Spending time with other dedicated athletes encourages players to develop a strong code of ethics. When you’re on the ice, integrity, respect, and fairness, all come into play. That player standing across the red line from you today could be a future teammate somewhere down the road.  

Players understand the responsibility of representing their coaches, linemates, team, school, and community whenever they put on their jersey. 

Of course, you can’t win every game, and humility is essential for a young player’s growth. Hockey teaches you to channel that disappointment and deal with adversity. Adopting a mindset where you can bounce back from life’s little setbacks is crucial in all walks of life. 

Teamwork Means Communication

Hockey is about working hard and setting personal goals, but it is ultimately a team sport. You need to listen, take direction, and communicate well with your fellow players. 

You don’t have to be the team captain to improve your leadership skills. Every time you have the puck, you control the on-ice action. Your reasoning and decision-making skills will naturally improve. You need to think fast and be decisive.

Teamwork is about personal accountability for one’s actions.

Okanagan Hockey Teaches Lessons That Endure

Playing competitive hockey is a life-changing experience for many youths. No matter how far your hockey career progresses, the lessons and virtues learned on the ice will continue to shape your perspective. 

Applying those same goal-oriented philosophies learned in hockey comes naturally to players who have played at the highest levels. 

Okanagan Hockey prides itself on creating skilled players, future ambassadors for the game, and well-rounded people.