The Mental and Physical Benefits of Youth Sports

by | Dec 22, 2022

Your outdoor rink may be starting to freeze over, however here at Okanagan Hockey we are dreaming about sun, sand and HOCKEY! 

This summer, we celebrate 60 years of operations! As we approach this exciting milestone, we have been reflecting on the past years and recognize that the pandemic has led to more and more children losing interest in organized sports. This may cause severe repercussions in the future with today’s generation of youth missing out on crucial mental and physical benefits of playing sports. 

We have made it our mission is to create an innovative, structured, & positive environment for all players to develop their skills while working hard and having fun! We pride ourselves on being the industry leader in developing youth hockey players through our full-day fully supervised summer camp programs.

Over the past three years, it has been difficult for youth to keep active during isolation from sport and recreational activities. This lack of physical activity has generated alarming statistics around their physical and mental health.

While the physical benefits of playing sports are undeniable, research shows that there is a strong correlation between sports and positive mental health too. It shows that youth sporting clubs foster strong social support mechanisms as well as emotional support.  Playing organized sports also instils several life skills in children that can help them succeed in the future.

Reduced Depression, Anxiety, and Stress:

The release of endorphins due to exercise makes you feel happier overall. This in turn reduces the symptoms of stress. Research shows that kids who continued to play sports during the pandemic reported fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression than those who did not.

Social Skills:

Playing a team sport helps children build social skills as they learn to communicate their thoughts with their teammates and make decisions on the playing field together. Joining a club also allows them develop friendships with others from different backgrounds and cultures.

Life Skills:

Children also develop important life skill without even realizing it, as they continue to play sports. Decision-making and leadership skills become more apparent as they continue to play. Studies show that students who participate in sports also typically achieve better grades and higher confidence in their abilities than those who don’t. Numerous benefits to youth sport have been clearly outlined, however the most important factor when it comes to sports is that children have fun with their peers. The team at Okanagan Hockey Camps is passionate that hockey is one of the most fun and engaging sports you can get your athlete involved in. 

At Okanagan Hockey, we have professional staff, world-class facilities and outstanding operations for a wide range of skill levels & development requirements, from beginner to advance. Known as the longest continuously operating hockey school in the world, and currently operating summer camps within Penticton BC, Kelowna BC, Calgary AB & Edmonton AB

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