Tips to develop as a young hockey player this summer

by | Apr 4, 2023

When hockey season comes to an end, and school is out for summer, players, coaches, and staff deserve a break from their daily routine. Our team at Okanagan Hockey Camps is understanding of this, as we have offered professional hockey instruction since 1963! We always encourage all young hockey players to find the balance between training and rest, as it is incredibly important to their development. 

Here are a few recommendations for ways to maintain a healthy balance, and be ready to hit the ice in time for hockey season: 

Healthy Diet

With significantly more down time throughout the summer months, be sure to monitor your diet.

Take advantage of all of the fresh produce that we have access to in the Okanagan Valley, and explore some healthy meal options. 

Nobody is saying you can’t treat yourself to Mom’s home cooking or ice cream at the beach, though moderation is key!

Stay hydrated! The summer heat can be hard to beat, and hydration is very important. You will want to return to hockey season re-energize, and a healthy diet is crucial to achieving this.

Stay Active 

Summer is the time to get outdoors and soak up the sunshine! The Okanagan Valley is the perfect place to do so, and offers fun for the entire family! 

Offering outstanding views while biking, hiking and swimming; many great ways to exercise while having fun throughout the summer months.

Your focus may be on hockey, but a multi-sport approach will always positively impact your development. Whether you’re competing in a friendly drop-in game of baseball or soccer, or even swimming at the lake all summer long, activities that promote cardiovascular health, flexibility, and endurance are essential to your growth as an athlete.

Light training at the gym

In the summer, becoming a member at a gym is a great way to escape the heat and get a full-body work out in.  It is important to try and maintain (or improve) your muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. 

Attend a week long summer hockey camp 

Your competition will be ready for try outs next season – and you will too, by attending one of our week-long, fully supervised camps this summer! Offered in four separate locations: Penticton BC, Kelowna BC, Edmonton AB & Calgary AB.

From little tykes to advanced teenagers, Okanagan Hockey camps are structured to fit the needs of a variety of ages; starting from the grass-roots. All of our coaches are trained professionals, and are able to adapt their coaching techniques around various levels of skill. You are sure to leave our camp conditioned and confident to showcase your talent.

Specifically, our Pre-Season Prep Camp is designed to push players out of their comfort zone. Led by our professional coaches, players will refine fundamental skills to take their play to the next level. Over the course of 5 full days, we will challenge you in more complex, sophisticated drills and techniques so when it’s show time, you’ll be ready!

Inquire today! We look forward to seeing you on the ice this summer!

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